I became an artist because...

So why did I become an artist? The truth is I didn't start off with the desire to become an artist. Before I came to the Lord I would hear simple melodies in my head, but I didn't really think anything of them at the time; after all, it had always been my greatest desire to be the world's greatest video game creator..... But one day everything change for me at once. After going to church for a while, I got serious about the Lord and gave my life to Him. It was then that I heard Him telling me that He would bless me in the field of video game designing; however, that wasn't what He was calling me to do.... Then I asked the question, what are you calling me to do then God, and the next thing I remember is my headed being flooded with musical melodies, with all manner of instruments, singing and percussion so much to the point that I thought I was going mad... With all of that going on at once it was here that He gave me a vision of what I was suppose to do. It was truly overwhelming, but I scrambled to get the voice recorder on my flip phone trying to make sense of everything, recording and humming what I could make out, and within thirty minutes I had a song.... That's really how it all started off, how I began to develop my greatest passion of writing music.

I honestly didn't know where to go from there, but I fumbled around until I got a good starting point. I took my songs to musicians and more, but was immediately shotdown and told that I needed music for my lyrics, so I picked up the guitar and began teaching myself... Now that I looked back at everything, I realize God has brought me a mighty long way. It's a dream that is 7 years in the making and still coming along. I had a lot of obstacles (circumstances and people) stand in my way, but with the strength of God, faith and determination I pressed forward.... Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that I have arrived as an artist or songwriter, but I will continue to press forward on my current path till the day that I see the vision of what God had showed me that day when it all began.

So how did it happen for you? What brought you to the point that made you want to become an artist or whatever is that you feel that you are called to do?