Our artists

JB sPeak truth (JBSt) - Joshua Brown


JB is a Christian rapper and song writer. He is a new artist and founder of Speak Truth Records LLC. He is 30 years old and is very involved in church, and actively wants to engage and impact the lives of the younger generation. He also loves to write music for other recording and performing artists. "It is my goal for others to realize their full potential in God."

Da LIte - David furbert

Born and raised in the hip-hop culture his love for hip-hop is soul deep. He started writing lyrics at the age of 13 with his inspiration being rappers such as Nas, Rakim, Wu-Tang clan and LL Cool J. As he grew his passion for hip-hop grew with him. At the age of 16 David got saved and was looking for his place, and trying to discover God’s plan for his life. He came across a gospel rap group called Crossmovement and finally it all began to come together. His new influences include Bizzle, Datin, Heesun Lee, Lacrea, Tripp Lee just to name a few. “I’m glad to know that God actually loves to hear us put His word in rhymes over beats and melodies. So now I’m ready to go forward with the plan God has for me, LET’S DO IT!”