Speak Truth Founders

Speak Truth Records LLC, was founded by Tayla Scott, Lee Hunter and Joshua Brown. With all three founders being songwriters and/or artists, they came together combining their individual talents to create a label whose purpose is to make their artists succeed. 


  • "Always Speak The Truth"
  • "We are a label that is truly for the artist!"


True 2 God (t2g)

Speak Truth Records LLC has great things in store for our Christian rap artists, so great that we have decided to dedicate a whole department to them inside of STR. That department is True 2 God (T2G); a department that focuses solely on the development and producing of Christian rap artists, which will be headed by none other than Lee Hunter.

mission Statement

It is our mission to be a fair and just record label that is built upon Christian values, whose job is to rightly serve our artists while becoming successful in the process to help provide financial strength for our artists as well as our record label.

A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.
— Proverbs 18 verse 16

Tayla Scott

Manager at STR

Tayla Scott is a talented upcoming singer of the Gospel genre. Besides Gospel she also is equally at home singing Country and Pop music and hopes to do big things at Speak Truth Records. 


"I know that Speak Truth Records can give you the opportunity to reach your dreams and soar far."

Joshua Brown (JB)



Joshua Brown is best described as a passionate and ambitious songwriter who loves to write Christian music. He started STR because he was tired of seeing wasted talent and potential.


"There are a lot of hidden gems out there. It is our intention to find those gems and do what we can to make them shine brighter before the world." 


Lee arthur hunter IV (lavish lee)


Lead Manager of T2G

Lee Hunter is a Christian rapper, ready to take the world by storm. He started off in a local rap group called Team Rock, and has now decided to help start STR to get his music out and help to lead and inspire new up incoming Christian rappers. 


"We are are going to handle business, but we are going to keep it Trill in the process."